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What is A1c?

When a part of the blood glucose combines with hemoglobin, it forms a complex called glycosylated hemoglobin also called as HbA1c or A1c. Through a simple lab test, you can get your value, which is usually expressed as a percentage. For ex: 7%. The HbA1c  value is fairly stable for a period of 2-3 months and therefore is an indication of the long term diabetic control over the past two to three months.


A normal   person   usually has an A1c value between 4-6%. However, this value is expected to be higher than 6% for a diabetic. Higher the A1c value poorer is the diabetic control and also greater is the risk of various complications of heart, Kidneys, nerves and eyes.


Therefore, any decrease in A1c level is good for your long term health, but you should aim for a value below 7% for a longer and happier life.


Why doing A1c test is more beneficial?


There are many benefits of monitoring your diabetes control based on the A1c value.


 F Long term picture: A1c value indicates your diabetes control status over the last 60-90 days, as against just a few hours in case of glucose test. Moreover, the A1c value does not fluctuate. Therefore your doctor finds it easier to determine the drug therapy based on your A1c test report.

 F Fasting not required: The A1c test can be done anytime. No fasting is required before you give your blood sample.

 F   Not affected by just administered drugs: Unlike a glucose result, the A1c result is not affected by medication taken before the test. So no need to disturb your daily schedule of medicines.


To sum up, the A1c value is not affected by:

 F Time of the day at which you are giving your blood sample.

 F Meal intake before you give the sample

 F    Exercise

 F   Just administered diabetes drugs

 F   Emotional stress

Does it mean that a glucose test is not important?

No. Your blood glucose tests are important too. While A1c test gives the picture of your long term diabetes control, the blood glucose result gives you the picture of the current glucose level in your blood so as to help you maintain the normal blood glucose level throughout the day. This helps you in not getting hypoglycemic (lower level of glucose in your blood than normal) and to see how the food choices, exercise and medicine you follow to control your diabetes are affecting your blood glucose from day to day.

What is so special about  HbA1c A lot!
The world's most famous clinical trials (DCCT, UKPDS etc.) that have established A1c as a test for long term diabetes monitoring, have used the HbA1c  methodology for their trials.

HbA1c  test is based on the HPLC Technology (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) which is the "Gold Standard Reference method" for measurement of  A1c.

The result obtained through HbA1c not only gives an accurate A1c value, but also gives the values of other hemoglobin sub-types through a chromatogram report, thus providing a complete patient picture to the doctor.

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